Our Top 5 Tips for Getting you to your Connecting Flight

Whilst direct flights are the ideal choice, they’re not always easy to get. A connecting flight is often a good way to save money or help you to arrive at your destination at a specific time, just ensure you don’t miss your connection with our top five tips!

Think about the times

Before you’ve even booked your connecting flight, think about the amount of time you have in your layover destination. If you’re flying internationally, you’ll need to remember that there’s customs and immigration checks to go through, way before you’ve even reached your final destination! You’ll need to ensure you have at least two hours to get from A to B.

Pick a front row aisle seat

If you’ve got a tight connecting flight booked in advance, opt for reserving an aisle seat at the front of the plane. Whilst it may cost a little bit extra, it can save you a heap of money should you accidentally miss your next flight! If you can’t get the exact seat you want, just opt for a seat that’s close to the front, and by the aisle if possible!

Let your flight attendant know

Wherever your sitting, it’s a good idea to let your flight attendant know your situation, after all they are there to help you! Try to catch your flight attendant when they don’t seem too busy; the best time to ask is when all passengers are seated. They may even be able to accommodate a request of an aisle or front-row seat if one is available.

Stick with hand luggage only

If you can pack light, don’t bring a suitcase with you to your connecting flight. Having hand luggage only will mean you’ll be able to walk straight past the baggage conveyor belt and make your way to your next flight. You’ll also avoid the possibility of losing your suitcases altogether! Which would be a sure way to miss that all important next flight.

Get to know the airport

If you’ve never visited the connecting airport before now, try to get to know the airport layout beforehand. You’ll most likely be able to print a map of the airport beforehand, which you should use to help you get from arrivals to departures in no time! If you can’t find a map, look online to find any information the airport offers about connecting flights.

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