Got a lot to pack? We know how much of a pain it can be to have minimal room in your luggage and not wanting to pay extra to put it in the hold. Well, today we’ve got some handy tips for you to help make the best use of space in your hand luggage. Handy if you’re going for a short trip away.

Pack a Small Case

This may sound obvious, but you could impose the physical limitation on yourself of having only a small case, so you’re not tempted to over pack.

Roll Up Your Clothes

Folding clothes takes up too much space — rolling them up, on the other hand, can make much more room. Definitely worth a try, at any rate!

Always Put Your Shoes at the Bottom

Shoes are always clunky and you, annoyingly, can’t fold them. This is always why you should put them at the bottom of your suitcase. As well as avoiding getting any dirt on your clothes, it helps save room, not to mention you can squeeze socks in there too.

Fold Belts with Shirts

Need to take a belt? No problem! Simply make the collar stiff and wrap the belt around it, almost like a neck tie. Alternatively, put it around the side of your case to save room.

Use Glasses Case for Smaller Items

Jewellery and contacts can easily get lost in a suitcase. Best to store it all in one place than to risk spreading them throughout your bag.

Wear Bulkiest Clothes

Don’t put your bulky jumper in your case! If you wear it to the airport, then you’ll have much more room to play around with.

Know What You Need

Before you even begin packing, make a list of items you need. If you spot something you can do without, get rid of it! Books, makeup, iPads, anything that is inessential to your trip doesn’t need to be there and being rid of them frees up your luggage space significantly.

Once you’re good and packed for your holiday, why not book a quote with us? We’ll get you straight to your nearest airport in no time!