Family holidays can create a lot of fantastic memories for everyone involved. They can be loads of fun and all around a really fulfilling experience.

They can be a bit stressful, however, as it is difficult to keep everyone happy. Thankfully, we have some tips to help keep your family holiday blissful.

1. Let the kids have their say

Don’t ignore what the kids want to do. If they feel like they’ve had no say in any of your plans (especially if you planned everything after their bedtime) then they would feel like they have no agency in the holiday and their attitude will not be the best when it arrives.

The last thing you want is for your children to be bored and unhappy. Make sure to ask them what it is they would like to do and incorporate it into your plans as best as you can. Let them “own” their experiences.

2. Make sure all documents are in order

On any holiday, all necessary documents have to be in order, so you can travel without any kind of complications. Be doubly vigilant with your children’s documents especially. Without the right passport, for instance, you could be denied boarding and your family holiday will go pear-shaped.

Ensure you have enough planning time to renew any expired passports and to acquire any necessary visas for your trip.

3. Allow for extra time

We say allow time to plan documents, but it’s good practise to allow extra time for everything. For instance, if you leave for the airport earlier than necessary (preferably three or four hours before your plane departs) then you’ll guarantee that you’ll reach your flight on time. Leaving this to the last minute will cause unnecessary stress.

4. Book with a family-friendly airline

Not all airlines are created equal, sadly. This goes for families too, especially if you’re travelling with very young children. Be sure to look at the plane’s seating plan before you book and ensure you’re all together on the flight.

If you can, go with an airline that specifically provides for families. You will have a much easier time keeping the kids occupied, not to mention their facilities will be able to accommodate you more.

5. Take time to learn and grow together

Lastly, and most importantly, you should take the time to learn and grow together as a family. If it doesn’t go right this time, then learn from it and try not to make the same mistakes again. It’s all part of a process and once you’re on holiday, you’ll have plenty of chances to learn and garner new experiences as a family.

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