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When you think about it, an airport is the hub of all humanity. All kinds of people walk through them on a daily basis that it’s almost impossible to think nothing interesting or funny ever happens inside them.

As a matter of fact, we’ve trawled the internet for some of the funniest airport stories ever told. Here are three of our favourites.

The Blind Pilot

If you sit around an airport terminal long enough, you will occasionally see airline staff walking through with their luggage as they are about to board their plane, mostly air stewards but also pilots.

One pilot at JFK Airport in the USA thought it would be amusing to don some sunglasses and use a cane to navigate his way through the terminal at Miami airport. Easy to say that the queue outside the plane he boarded became rather nervous until he took off the sunglasses and shouted, “April Fools!”.

Baby Goes Through Security

What’s the most hazardous way to make sure your baby stays put? One mum in Florida decided to put her offspring in an airport security tray as she untied her shoelaces. Of course, this tray was still on the conveyor belt inching towards the gaping mouth of the x-ray machine.

Fortunately, airport security staff came to the rescue, removed the baby from the tray and kindly reminded the mother that only laptops, phones and loose change go through the machine, not children.

Mongolian Crossbows

One staff member at Hong Kong International Airport reports seeing a lot of bizarre objects trying to get past security. The list includes an air rifle, cool bags of breast milk and a whole chicken bought from a supermarket.

The strangest object she bore witness to, however, had to be five crossbows, each the property of a Mongolian delegation. An awkward but rather amusing situation to find oneself in!

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