We’ve all been there- you know your flight’s at 6.30pm and you factor in all eventualities in your airport journey plan. Say there’s traffic, say there’s trouble checking in, say you need additional time to grab a coffee. You add it all up and arrive with more than a few hours to spare.

So what’s the most productive use of your time before air travel?

Self Care

Before an international flight that’s sure to be over five hours long, it’s important to make sure that you prep your skin and body for air travel.

Spend your extra time in the airport relaxing in a massage chair or maybe you prefer to do some preparatory exercises, anticipating the restrictive condition you will soon be in.

Remember, the cold air of the air plane will suck the moisture out of your skin. You may want to apply a hydrating face mask or apply a lotion to any exposed skin to make sure that there will be a protective barrier between you and the temperature.


One of the best things to do before a flight is to hydrate. The dry air on the plane can be very uncomfortable and it may be a while before drinks are served from when you first board.

Buy yourself a large bottle of water after you pass the security checks and keep it with you. Aim to finish it before you take off. Your air stewards and stewardesses can refill it for you mid-flight and then you won’t have to wait for drinks.

Treat Yourself

Take advantage of the airport’s duty free. After all, whether you’re going on holiday or travelling for business, flying can be a stressful experience for many.

Gifting yourself something, tax-free, can help take the edge off. You can even buy gifts for friends or family that you might be meeting.

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