When you land at an airport, it can be rather unfortunate when you misidentify your luggage at the baggage claim. You do not want to end up in a situation when you end up with someone else’s blouses and skirts after a long flight.

Thankfully, there are ways around this, more ways than just putting your name on a tag which almost nobody would ever check. Here some cool methods to personalise your baggage.

1. Use a Unique Luggage Tag

Sure, you can use a luggage tag, but a special tag that you can identify at a glance as being yours? Why not, for instance, use R2-D2, or Big Foot, or a Snowman as your way of identifying your own luggage.

2. Apply Colourful Tape

If you have some colourful tape lying around your house, grab it and wrap it around your suitcase. The more colourful and unique the better.

3. Find a Quirky Luggage Belt

Same principle as the tape, but if you find a luggage belt that just screams you then buy it and wrap it around your suitcase. Anything with a cool pattern on it will definitely make your baggage stand out.

4. Put on Some Stickers

Nothing works better at personalising your suitcase than putting a few stickers on it. Obviously, you can put on as many as you like, but too many might be a bit obnoxious so stick to one or two big ones and maybe a few smaller ones.

5. Get a Rare Colour/Pattern Suitcase

Of course, if you currently lack any kind of suitcase then you should ditch the usual black/grey and go for something a bit more unique. Get the one with the zig-zag pattern on it or the hot pink one.

6. Buy a Suitcase Cover

If you can’t find a unique case, get a unique cover! We know of a service that prints your face onto a luggage bag. Rather scary but at least you’ll know which one yours is.

7. Add a Monogram

Finally, if you want to be posh, get your initials stamped on your luggage. That way there will be no mistaking whose bag is whose.

If you have a lot of personalised luggage to ferry to an airport, contact us here to get a quote.