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5 Ways To Make Economy Feel Like First Class

There’s no doubt about it. The part of your holiday you’re looking forward to least is the travelling. You’d rather teleport to your location rather than plan your travel route and, even worse, sit on an airplane for hours on end.

You might be even more depressed about the prospect of this if you have economy class seats. Like many people, the idea of having to stomach economy class for that prolonged amount of time probably doesn’t appeal to you, but there are ways to make the most out of your economy class seats.

1 Noise Cancelling Headphones

To escape the incessant chatter, babies crying and the constant deep hum of the airplane, maybe invest in some noise cancelling headphones in order to get a restful few hours of sleep whilst on board.

2 Bring An Empty Water Bottle

Not many fluids are allowed aboard a plane and you might already be at your limit with what small items you’ve brought aboard. So, bring an empty water bottle and before the flight takes off, ask a member of the cabin crew to fill it up for you. The initial boost of hydration will make the time before meal service pass more smoothly.

3 Prevent DVT

The best way to prevent deep vein thrombosis from your economy class seat is to get up often and walk up and down the aisle of the plane. Bring long, thick socks that will keep your legs and feet warm. You can massage your legs with rhythmic circular motions every once in a while to keep your circulation going.

4 Provide Your Own Entertainment

If you don’t feel like watching the provided TV and shows, bring a game console, an iPod or a few good books. You’ll step off the plane feeling more refreshed if you’ve spent the time doing things you enjoy.

5 Use The Foot Rest

Elevating the feet can help with circulation as well as be more comfortable. You might want to bring your own inflatable cushion to increase this experience. You’ll get a lot more sleep this way too!

For a truly restful holiday experience, why don’t you book your connecting route in advance? For more information, you can get in touch with the team by visiting out contact page or by calling us on 0113 228 22 22