fish in a bag

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever packed in a suitcase? We bet that nothing trumps any of these weird items all found in suitcases across the globe while under airport inspection.

Many people think they can get away with transporting certain items across national borders only to get a rude shock when they get to the security gate.

And not all of these things are exactly harmful! Well, that depends on point of view, but you’ll be surprised what exactly people will put in their baggage.

A Cannon Ball

Yes, a cannon ball. Found in an 18th century shipwreck by a scuba-diver in the Red Sea, the young man thought it would be pretty harmless to take it home with him as a rather hefty souvenir.

Unfortunately, security caught him and it had to be confiscated due to it being a potentially explosive item as well violating several weight restrictions.

200 Live Fish

Somebody, it seemed, wanted to start their own aquarium by smuggling 200 live fish past airport security. No judgement from us here!

Surprisingly enough, you can even get away with transporting certain fish in a suitcase. Most airlines don’t have an issue with it.

But please, if ever you have a need to transport your fishy friends, don’t fill up a suitcase with water and stick them in there, especially 200 live ones. There will be consequences.

Dead Snakes

Snakes? On a plane? It’s more likely than you think. As is with fish, transporting dead snakes on a plane is completely fine, as long as they are transported correctly.

The issue with one passenger’s dead snakes as he transported them from Korea is that he put them in large bags of water which overshot the limit on liquid measurements big time.

To this day, we have no idea what he planned to do with the snakes...

A Baby

You know your parenting skills need work if you try to smuggle a baby through airport security in a suitcase.

This is exactly what happened to one couple in the UAE who attempted to do just that to get around the fact their child didn’t have a visa.

Clearly, they forgot that x-ray machines can detect live humans and the game was up literally the minute the bag was inspected. They should definitely use a pram next time.

An Inert Mortar Round

Oddest of all on this list has to be the fake bomb that someone attempted to get past security. Of course, nobody knew it was fake so when it was spotted, an explosives expert had to check to make sure it really was inert.

All this caused countless delays and the passenger got into serious trouble. So, if you want to transport your inert mortar round, perhaps think twice and leave it at home.

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