airplane above clouds at sunset

Stuck on a long flight? Bored of the airline entertainment system? Long-haul flights can take you to some wonderful places, but they can be agonisingly lengthy and, for some, simply sleeping the time away isn’t always an option.

To kill boredom dead in its tracks, here a few ideas to keep yourself entertained on such a long flight.

1. Bring Something to Read

Nothing beats passing the time than a really good book. The longer the book you bring, the better. Once you immerse yourself in its pages, you may even finish the thing before your flight is over.

Either way, time will pass much more quickly once you begin. You may even want to take several books! And if you forgot to bring a book? Plenty of airports have bookshops, so help yourself.

2. Talk to Your Neighbour

With all our smartphones and tablets these days, it’s very easy to cover your social awkwardness stranger by staring at that tiny screen, even if you’re not actually doing anything other than mindlessly playing Candy Crush.

Time will pass less noticeably if you pluck up the courage to talk to your neighbour. This could be a friend or relative you’re flying with or it could be a stranger. It could be a surprisingly fulfilling experience as well as an effective time-killer.

3. Do Some Exercises
Getting fidgety? One of the many reasons people can’t stand long flights is because of how restless it makes them. All those hours sitting down in one place is enough to drive plenty of passengers crazy.

A nice stroll up and down the gangway or even a few stretches should help in curing this. Physical activity has always proven to be an effective past time when all else fails.

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