Due to the nature of air travel, many myths tend to surround it, whether it’s concerning the security at airports or how a plane operates. Indeed, these myths are so common that they’re often considered fact.

We’re here today to show you just how false these myths are. Hopefully, we’ll also provide you with the real facts along the way.

1) Myth: If Your Flight’s Cancelled, You’ll Get Compensation!

Depending on the circumstances around the cancellation and depending on the airline, getting compensation for a cancelled flight is not a guarantee.

More often than not, you probably won’t get your money back. Unfortunate, but true.

2) Myth: If You Miss Your Flight, You Can Just Get the Next One!

Many people see getting on a plane the same way they get on a bus – if you missed your scheduled flight, then you can simply wait for the next one.

Sorry to disappoint you but if you miss a flight, you won’t be able to get on the next one until you pay for a seat and that’s even if one’s available to take.

In short, always try and be on time!

3) Myth: My Plane Will Wait for Me If I’m Late

Following that thought, too many people believe they can forgo punctuality because they’re under the impression the plane will simply wait for them. Again, wrong.

You have several calls to get to your gate on time and if you miss the last call, then you’re going to miss your flight.

user on laptop4) Myth: If You Search for the Same Flight, the Price Goes Up

It’s understandable why people may think this. Depending on which site you look up, the prices of some flights may vary.

However, there isn’t some secret hacker determined to drive the price of your flight up behind the scenes just because you searched for it, as many seem to think. That would just be a bad business move on the airline’s part.

5) Myth: Sitting in Airplanes Spreads Diseases

Being confined spaces, many holidaymakers will have you believe planes do nothing but spread diseases. Worse, because planes have been abroad, they will bring foreign germs with them!

Don’t be surprised to hear that this is a complete myth. Airplanes are cleaned before every flight and unless you’re sitting next to someone with a cold, you’re unlikely to pick up any germs.

car driving along road

6) Myth: Driving is Greener Than Flying

Again, an understandable myth as it’s easy to think those enormous metal birds produce more greenhouse gases.

While this is technically true on an individual basis, a plane carries far more people at the same time, making it much more energy efficient.

7) Myth: Storms Can Cause the Plane to Crash

Witnessing a storm above cloud level can be unnerving, particularly if you’re an anxious flyer. Rest assured, though, that you’re completely safe.

Planes are made of a non-conductive metal, meaning any lightening that happen to strike won’t come near you.

laughing baby

8) Myth: If You’re Born in the Air, You Fly Free!

A lesser known myth but a myth nonetheless, some say that if you give birth on a flight then your baby will receive free flights with that airline for the rest of his or her life.

Sadly, this is completely untrue. Even if a heavily pregnant woman would be permitted to fly, no one is given free flights even if they are born in the air.

9) Myth: You Can’t Book Flights at Check-in Anymore

With smartphones and the internet making check-in queues a thing of the past, there’s a growing misconception that you can no longer book flights at the airport itself.

We’re happy to say that you can book any flight you want at the airport though, depending on how soon it is, it might be a bit expensive.

10) Myth: Airports Are Hard to Get to!

Finally, the myth that puts many off from going to an airport, is that they are way too hard to get to. This is one hundred percent false as airports have transport links designed to be easily accessible and easy to use. One such example is us here at Airline Connections.

If you need to travel to your local airport quickly and easily, get in touch with us or get a quote.